IOM Research Expertise

Policy evaluations

IOM carries out a range of evaluation work – from the evaluation of the health impacts of policies to the evaluation of schemes to assist small businesses with health and safety issues in the workplace.  Evaluations combine both quantitative and qualitative methods including health impact analysis, questionnaire surveys, structured interviews, focus groups and observational studies; and are carried out by multidisciplinary study teams which could include, for example, ergonomists, occupational physicians, occupational psychologists, epidemiologists, statisticians and data scientists.  We carry out both prospective and retrospective evaluation studies, although we always prefer to help plan the evaluation with the client before the intervention takes place.

In one recent study we evaluated access to healthcare among working age seafarers in the UK , funded the Maritime Charities Funding Group (MCFG).  The study aimed to identify health conditions experienced by seafarers that affect their working lives; issues affecting seafarers’ access to, and use of, health care provision; health care provision required to meet the current health needs of seafarers; and effective systems for priority access to health care. The study consisted of a literature review, analysis of existing data, questionnaire surveys of working age seafarers and of patients at the dedicated hospital unit for working and retired seafarers, focus groups, interviews with doctors and a review of other priority medical services available in the UK.  The outcome of the study was a series of key findings which highlighted the current health care needs of seafarers and some potential improvements which would help to meet these.

In policy evaluation, our main focus is Environmental Health Impact Analysis of the aspects of policies that affect public health via the physical environment, for example policies in transport, planning, energy or agriculture.  More details on this work can be found on our Environmental Public Health pages.

Other IOM work in this area includes evaluations of:

For more information about our policy evaluation work please contact Hilary Cowie.