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Development of Guidance Material

An important part of our research is the dissemination and sharing of the end results so that the lessons can be translated into action and practice to reduce risks to health. We are actively involved in publishing our research in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and presenting our findings at international symposia and conferences. In addition, we are able to develop guidance material targeted at workers and managers, policy makers and citizens, to help them understand the hazards and risks in their own environments.

We have experienced teams of scientists who are national and international experts. They are able to translate complex scientific concepts into straightforward advice and guidance. For example, the IOM has completed research funded by the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF) to examine the health and wellbeing of remote and mobile workers. As part of this we prepared guidance for employers and managers to help manage the risks of psychological distress and musculoskeletal symptom amongst this group.

For example, our translation of research into guidance has included our project on safety and health concerns for those returning to work or staying in work after cancer.  This project highlighted that there was a knowledge gap in this area for those tasked with managing risks for employees returning to work after cancer, including safety practitioners and others.  The research included the development of good practice which has now been shared within the profession  

We are also interested in working with partners in different countries to ensure that our guidance takes account of local circumstances and is reliably translated into the local language. Our work with the European Telecommunications industry to gather evidence on good practice in managing mental wellbeing in the industry, fed into the development of guidelines to be dissemination across the telecommunications sector translated into 12 European languages.

We worked with EU-OSHA to prepare an e-guide on managing stress and psychosocial risks at work which was prepared in 33 different versions to extend across the EU and beyond as part of their recent campaign on this topic.  We also recently worked with them to update their OSHwiki website, sharing OSH knowledge to a wide community. 

In collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive and several workplace safety and health groups we have developed guidance to promote improved skin care within at-risk sectors, such as construction, hairdressing, catering and cleaning. This information has been widely distributed and is available to download from our online library.

Our staff are always willing to work with different stakeholder groups to ensure that good practice guidance communicated reliably.

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