Environmental Public Health

Public Health Policy Research

As a leading UK provider of HPP, we have extensive experiencing of supporting public sector organisations to promote and review healthy public policy within their own and other organisations as well as support the development of healthy urban planning.

Our aim is to provide information, analysis and an understanding of how organisations take up healthy public policy and healthy urban planning initiatives in order to increase the awareness and use of a healthy public policy lens and approach in local, regional and national decision-making.

We take a tailored and structured approach based on the client’s remit and budget to help deliver sustained and meaningful change.


We have proven experience and are committed to improving population health internationally and committed to delivering a quality, cost-effective and value-added support service that improves healthy public policy and urban planning decision-making. Our UK experience includes analysing, reviewing and mentoring local authorities and their staff in healthy public policy and healthy urban planning. We also have experience of reviewing how health is considered in Government decision-making.

Where required, we work with a range of partner organisations and associates to widen and strengthen the consultancy, research and training support that we can offer.

Our clients have included:

  • Department of Health, England
  • Luton Borough Council
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council


IOM can support a wide range of healthy public policy and healthy urban planning research and evaluation. We usually do this in conjunction with other academic and consultancy partner organisations and associates.


We provide bespoke UK and international HPP training to organisations. Our staff have experience of UK HPP training within  a range of public sector organisations in the UK and we have associates who have experience of HPP training internationally.