Keeping healthy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Helping you navigate Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hospital ventilation and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Our hospital ventilation and RPE teams have us well placed to help with the wider efforts to fight this pandemic and support frontline healthcare professionals.

How our Hospital Ventilation and RPE teams can help:

  • Expert advice from our Authorising Engineers (ventilation).
  • Validation/verification testing to ensure continued compliance of systems to support not only for Coronavirus but the care of other critically ill patients. 
  • Expert guidance and support to construct new isolation rooms. Including innovative ways to create negative pressure isolation, rooms, areas and wards.
  • RPE advice and auditing.
  • RPE Face Fit testing.
  • Training to allow you to Face Fit test.
  • COSHH advice and compliance for chemical substances and biological agents including microorganisms.

Occupational Health and Safety Services

We are continuing our Occupational Hygiene work to the organisations that are vital to public health and safety during the coronavirus lockdown. Because their work is so critical, the Government is keen to ensure that they are able to carry out their jobs with as little restriction as possible.

We can work with local and national government, key public services, construction and industry, waste management, food retailers, utilities, logistics and transport.

How we can support you during coronavirus lockdown:

  • Provide support to employers to assess workplace hazards.
  • Demonstrate effective controls.
  • Provide relevant training.
  • Manage the risks to health and undertake regular checks of the control measures and exposure levels.

Managing and supporting remote workers

The UK government has implemented a ‘stay-at-home’ policy and workers have to work from home - where possible. While we might think that home is our comfortable natural environment, it is not designed for work. Common home furniture might aggravate an already existing musculoskeletal problem, or add stress to our already stressful day.

Our Human Factors and Ergonomics team can support companies during the transition to a ‘work from home’ environment.

How we can help your remote workers:

  • Provide ‘work environment’ advice for remote workers.
  • Tips and guidance on wellbeing and managing work-life balance.
  • Guidance on healthy technology management.
  • Help identify musculoskeletal risks.

You can be confident that our advice and support is based upon the latest evidence-based research.

COVID 19: Protecting the health of your workers

Our purpose is to improve people’s health and safety at work, at home and in the environment through excellent independent science. During this unprecedented time, you can be confident our staff will continue to offer the vital services needed to ensure the health and safety of our, customers, partners and the public.

Read the full message from Rob Atkin, CEO, regarding COVID-19.

We will be updating this page regularly and posting the best help and guidance on our social media channels.

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