Protecting against Pandemic and Avian Flu

Date: 01 January 2006


Respirators are key weapons for protecting workers against pandemic and avian flu. Recent Health Protection Agency guidance proposes taking many steps to reduce the risk of infection in the event of a 'flu pandemic. One of the recommended measures is the use of FFP3 class disposable respirators by NHS staff at risk. For RPE to work effectively, the mask must fit the individual wearing it and the Health Protection Agency further recommends that the fit is measured by face fit testing to ensure that the correct respirator is selected and that the necessary level of protection can be achieved.

This sound advice should also be applied to any group who may come into contact with birds that have died from avian flu, including council workers, poultry farm workers, estate workers and vets.

IOM undertakes face fit testing for respirators. We provide totally independent testing and unbiased advice which could help you protect your workforce.


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