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Come and Join our Governing Board. 

The Trust (IOM) seeks to maintain a Governing Body which reflects the scale and complexity of the Trust's activities comprising Governors with a sufficient mix of interests, competencies and experiences reflecting all aspects of the work of the IOM. 
The Governors are appointed on a voluntary, unpaid basis and are responsible for the delivery of the Trust purposes and for exercising general supervision and control over IOM. 
The leadership and day to day operation of the IOM is delegated to the Chief Executive , supported by the Board of Management (“BoM”) comprising of the senior management team.  Governors are supported and advised by the Chief Executive and other members of SMT.
Governors will be recruited based on their ability to meet the Governing Body's requirements for skills and experience at the relevant time.  It is however expected that all Governors will have the following key characteristics:-

Individual Governors should be able to:

  1. demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm; contribute time towards the well-being of the institute, its ethos and its current and on-going strategic aims.
  2. Individual Governors should have a wealth of experience in a relevant professional/technical arena and have the appropriate inter-personal skills including team working, effective communication and impartiality.
  3. Governors will be capable of adhering to the Trust's Governance Principles and of a character that suggests they will meet the expectations established by those Governance Principles.
  4. It is desirable, although not a prerequisite, that Governors will have university or professional qualifications or other relevant experience commensurate with their skills base

Over and above the key requirements above, the Governors should have at least one of the below listed disciplines to complement a spread of skills in the Governing Body (they are in no particular order of importance or weighted towards any particular discipline but more to allow 'selection according to Board needs).  Consideration will be given to those who can demonstrate expertise in a range of matters and who are able to look at issues from multiple viewpoints Although taking cognisance of the executive and operational role of the institutes senior management team it is recognised that individuals with experience from the private sector can play an important part in challenging and advising the institute's modus operandi.

  • Scientific e.g. Senior member of staff from appropriate university environment or relevant government department.
  • Financier e.g. commercial finance director in relevant business with wide ranging auditing/accounting/banking experience; track record in investment portfolios.
  • Legal Experience e.g. experienced lawyer especially in the fields of charity trusts and/or corporate transactions
  • Information Technology e.g. strong background in software and hardware development, delivery platforms and experience with the software systems currently used in scientific endeavours
  • Human Resources e.g. personnel management in a multi-disciplined environment to include, amongst others, pay structure management, employment law and training and development.
  • Development & Fund Raising e.g. knowledge and track record in significant fund raising activities and funding of scientific research programmes.
  • Marketing and Customer Service e.g. wide ranging but includes communication platforms, success in customer care improvements and brand awareness.
  • Public Health e.g. knowledge on the internal workings of public health organisations, the way that they identify partners to work with

Under the Trust Deed  there are a maximum of 12 Governors (who are also the charity trustees) who are appointed by the Board.    Governors are accountable to OSCR, HMRC and a host of other statutory bodies, their fellow governors and employees of the Trust.
As charitable trustees the Governors:-

  • act in the interests of the charity
  • seek, in good faith, to ensure that the charity operates in a manner that is consistent with its objects or purposes
  • act with the care and diligence that it is reasonable to expect of a person who is managing the affairs of another person
  • ensure that the charity complies with the provisions of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland ) Act 1995 and , and other relevant legislation.
  • Meet the “fit and proper person” test set out by HMRC for charity trustees.

In addition, the Trust has adopted Governance Principles and a Code of Practice to assist and support Governors in their responsibilities.
The Governors currently meet 4 times per year as a Board and in addition there are a number of Board committees upon which various Governors are called upon to share their knowledge and expertise.  The Governors are expected to gain an overview of the workings of the IOM and to meet the Chief Executive and members of the BoM.
Candidates must be aged 18 or over and are not eligible for appointment as a Governor if they:-
(i) are an employee of the IOM or any of its connected organisations; or (ii) have engaged in conduct that would or might be reasonably expected to bring the IOM, the Trust or the Governing Body into disrepute; or (iii)have been disqualified from acting as a charity trustee or would be ineligible by virtue of any statutory provision for the time being in force.
Governors, once appointed, serve for a term of 3 years and are eligible for re-election for further terms, but no Governor may serve for more than [9] consecutive years.
The Board expects that any Governorial nominee will have a range of skills and experience which will equip him or her to carry out the role successfully.
Nominees are asked to confirm that they are in a position to provide the necessary time commitment to the role.
Nominees are also asked to confirm that they are not disqualified to act as a charity trustee.

Next Steps

Anyone interested in applying to become a Governor of the IOM should submit their CV and a covering note of interest using the apply now link alternatively these can be sent directly to Michelle Reid, People & Operations Director via email
Once received, a selection process will take place and successful candidates will be invited to interview with the Chair of the Board, Stephen Hutt, and Michelle Reid, People & Operations Director.
A full governor pack is available upon request.

Apply here via our recruitment partner
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