Our Mission

Twenty-one years after the foundation of IOM, the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM Ltd) was established as an independent charity in 1990 and is the holding company for IOM Consulting Ltd (established in 2000) and IOM Singapore Pte Ltd (established in 2012)

We reinvest all commercial surpluses into the charitable purpose of the organisation to support non-profit research activities and projects. Our consulting and services clients effectively invest in the ability of IOM to further international understanding and deliver pioneering research and understanding into workplace and environmental health.  This endeavour has so far yielded over 1,000 published scientific papers and reports, which are freely available via our Online Library.

Our mission is ..

to benefit those at work and in the community by providing quality, research, consultancy and training in health, hygiene and safety and by maintaining our independent impartial position as an international centre of excellence