Customer Feedback

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Given the sensitive nature of our work we do not publish testimonials from our customers.

However at IOM we undertake an annual customer satisfaction survey to guage our performance across a series of key areas of service, and delivery and we are happy to share these high level results with our customers.

Our initial annual survey in early 2015 yielded a very high response rate and excellent overall satisfaction results and we are of course interested in annual increases wherever possible. The survey rates each IOM division across categories of Quality, Project Timescales, Communications, Service, Value for Money, Reporting and "Overall".

With the 2016 survey, we are pleased to report that our excellent results from 2015 were indeed further improved. With over 900 customers offered the chance to return a short survey, we were pleased to learn that of the 8% who took part 100% said they would use us again and 100% stated that they would recommend us. All categories scored extremely highly across all teams. We are delighted with this support and clearly this is something we will work hard to maintain.

The recent 2017 survey maintained these high levels of satisfaction across all 6 catgories of service with 98% of all customers stating they would use IOM again and recommend us.

We would like to thank all our customers for taking part over the years.