Asbestos in Soils

Asbestos in Soils

Location: UK
Duration: 1 day


Asbestos has been used for decades as an inexpensive industrial material with properties such as high tensile strength, heat resistance, incombustibility and resistance to chemical attack. It has been known for more than 50 years that exposure to asbestos can cause serious diseases including cancer and asbestosis.

Use of asbestos is now banned in most countries but it is still produced and used in several countries. However, even where use is not allowed, asbestos can still be present in buildings, industrial plants and homes. Those considered most at risk now are workers who may disturb asbestos materials during repair, maintenance and refurbishment work. It is important that the dangers of asbestos are understood by all those who may come in contact with it, with systems put in place to prevent or reduce exposure.


To provide an awareness and development of knowledge to site based employees of the hazards and risks posed by non licensable asbestos work. The course provides information on the hazards of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) within their everyday working environment and an overview of the legislative measures and controls in place to safeguard themselves and others affected by work activities. It also provides practical examples and an exercise on the safe removal of ACMs.

The theoretical skills to undertake work on sites (brownfield and greenfield sites) which have been identified as having asbestos containing materials within the soils; or in which asbestos containing materials have been identified (i.e. from previous construction or demolition operations or previous pipe bursting operations or repairs on asbestos cement water mains in which the ACMs have been left on site).

An understanding of the appropriate action that must be taken in the event of non-notifiable and notifiable asbestos containing materials being identified/recorded within the soil analysis report; and or being identified on site in accordance with the CAR 2012.

An understanding of the emergency procedures that must be implemented in the event of ACMs on site accidentally escaping their control

Who should Attend?

Any persons responsible for managing sites in which the soil analysis report has identified asbestos containing materials within the soils on site; or where ACMs could be encountered within the soils on site. This would include, but is not limited to the following – The CDM 2015 Duty Holders i.e. clients, client’s agent, the principal designer, the principal contractor, HSEQ managers/advisors (including any consultants fulfilling these roles and responsibilities), and any contractor’s employees responsible for excavations, on-site remediation, site investigations and the disposal of waste from site.

Course Outline

  1. Understanding asbestos
  2. Dangers of asbestos
  3. Health risks of asbestos containing materials
  4. Legal requirements on asbestos
  5. Asbestos risk assessment considerations
  6. Notifiable and non-notifiable guidelines
  7. Practical examples
  8. Emergency procedures


Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance in 'Asbestos in Soils Awareness'.


Price is £195 per person. This is an open (public) course and may be subject to minimum numbers attending.