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An asbestos survey allows you to effectively identify the presence of asbestos. From there, clients are then better placed to manage known asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in their properties. A management survey will aim to document the areas containing asbestos, the volume, its condition and the type of asbestos. This in turn is often used to assess the risk involved in any planned refurbishment or development at which stage a Refurbishment and Demolition survey would be necessary.

Asbestos remains one of the most problematic health hazards in domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings today. If in good condition and undisturbed it presents manageable risk. However, organisations need to take extreme care to comply with changing legislation when undertaking work in areas with the potential presence of asbestos.

As one of the foremost asbestos survey providers in the UK, our clients benefit from the following:

  • High quality: Removal of all associated health and litigation risks that can occur as a result of a low quality asbestos survey.
  • Independence: No association with asbestos removal contractors; thereby ensuring there is no bias in either surveying or monitoring.
  • Accuracy: Excellent attention to detail and integrity in sample collection, as well as measurement and analysis.
  • Accreditation: Our UKAS accreditation for Inspection and Testing meets ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 standards. Furthermore, our registrations with Achilles and The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) meet key industry requirements.

When do I need an asbestos survey?

If you own or have responsibility for a non-domestic property (such as a shop, office or industrial property) anywhere in the UK, built pre-2000, then you are required to have an asbestos register in place at all times.

In addition, if your property has previously been shown to contain asbestos, this will require an asbestos management plan and a risk register which should be updated annually. To support this a programme of reinspection surveys may be required.

Furthermore, if you have property which was constructed pre-2000 and plan to undertake refurbishment or demolition work, then you will require a refurbishment and demolition survey. These are legislative requirements as laid down and monitored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

At IOM, we provide both guidance and consultancy services specific to asbestos. Our Asbestos Services division is UK-wide and if you are in any doubt about your compliance or obligations to undertake any type of asbestos survey, simply contact us and we will be happy to further advise.

Which type of asbestos survey do I need?

As outlined avove, asbestos surveys vary significantly in terms of size and complexity and purpose. Both access and visibility can be simple or complex. Moreover, the presence of asbestos can vary depending on the age, structure and design of the property.

More information on all survey types can be found by clicking on the links above or on the left navigation menu. We are also happy to answer any queries you may have via our asbestos survey quotation form.

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