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Asbestos management survey

Formerly type 2 asbestos survey

Asbestos management survey

An Asbestos Management Survey (formerly known as a type 2 asbestos survey) is the core survey to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any known and presumed asbestos containing materials (ACMs), in order to assess their condition. This is a minimally intrusive survey.

The process of an Asbestos Management Survey is to undertake a visual inspection of the property; specifically but not exclusively focussing on identifying any areas where asbestos will normally be found. This requires the inspection of doors, walls, ceilings, pipes and tanks, roofing, and any insulating board areas and sprayed or texture coating areas. It may also include window frames, toilet cisterns, hotplate areas and soffits.

Due to the fact asbestos was used for its fire resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and sound insulation properties; it was utilised in a multitude of ways. It was adaptable, flexible and strong; therefore it was a popular choice in industrial, commercial and residential property builds, as well as internal fittings.

Every non-domestic property owner has a duty of responsibility to know if and where there are ACMs, as well as the type of asbestos the building has and if possible what volume and condition it is in.  The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 4) requires every industrial or commercial property owner of a building (constructed before the year 2000) to assume a legal responsibility to have an up to date asbestos register, policies for dealing with asbestos and the management processes for dealing with asbestos remediation projects. The Asbestos Management Survey is the basis upon which this register and system is created and updated. As such it will contain information, photographs and sample reports, in addition to certificates. Ideally this should be supplied by a UKAS accredited surveying company, who can also support the correct presentation of the register and help manage the legal requirements of asbestos re-inspections and updates.

Finally, it is vital from a property valuations perspective to have an up to date Management survey prior to lease, rent, sale or valuation, as the presence of asbestos can significantly affect a valuation given the cost of asbestos containment or removal. During these transactions, commercial property owners, landlords and sellers (of properties built pre Year 2000) will be expected to have an up to date asbestos register.

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