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Posted by John Toms
I thought I should start this blog off by saying that I've always been suspicious of e-learning. I've always felt that a classroom setup, with a tutor, candidates and colleagues was a better option. I don't think my opinion has greatly changed for certain types of training, but technology is now allowing greater efficiency and easier delivery of training across many sectors.
Health and Safety Law

Confidential Consultation

Posted by John Toms
As a provider of a comprehensive range of health and safety solutions we are one of the most reputable workplace safety solutions providers in the UK today. We ensure our quality service is at all times based on Integrity, Authority and Independence, delivered through experienced, committed and conscientious staff.

Confidentiality; the IOM approach

Posted by John Toms
One of the biggest issues in virtually any industry is the need to obtain and retain information in a confidential manner.

August update from IOM's Asbestos Division

Posted by John Toms
We've been working on progressive changes to our existing services, analysing our offering and injecting innovation where it is seen to provide a benefit to our clients.
value vs cost

Value v Cost

Posted by John Toms
In this article, we're examining the link between Value and Cost, specifically within the asbestos sector.