IOM Centres of Excellence

At IOM we are particularly interested in delivering strong centres of excellence which are brought about from our specific expertise and scientific interest relating to health in and from workplaces and the environment and moving towards the consideration of the complete human exposome. The nature of our work and projects has created a number of specific Centres of Excellence.

Human Exposure Science

IOM’s Centre for Human Exposure Science (CHES) is pioneering the next level of knowledge about exposure to hazardous agents.

Environmental Exposure

Our epidemiological investigations help in understanding the effect of environmental exposures on health.

Ageing and Work

IOM’s healthy ageing research programme is based on our scientific understanding of the impact that ageing has on ability to work, the impact that health can have on work ability and our knowledge of functional capacity assessment and fitness for work assessment. It extends beyond the working years as we understand how to create working envirnments that also support healthy retirement.


IOM enjoys a strong reputation in this field and plays a prominent role in many of the ICOH, EPICOH and BIOSS membership associations.

Air Quality

We have a high international reputation for Health Impact Assessment of outdoor air pollution, including use of life table methods to assess risks of mortality.

Nanomaterials Safety

We are world leaders in the safe use of engineered nanomaterials and our research work has had wide impact in helping define the hazards from these materials and setting out a framework for risk management. Our research can extyend and support our SAFENANO consulting division which has an international reputation in leading on the safe introduction of nanotechnologies into products and processes within a wide range of industries and innovations.